Workspace for innovative people in Kyiv
Fiber optic internet and Starlink, generators, shelter in walking distance. Workplaces, event services, flexible turnkey offices for teams from 1 to 500 + people.
3A, Hryshka st.
3rd floor, Platinum, Kyiv
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м. Київ, вул. М. Гришка, 3
БЦ Platinum, 3 поверх
Choose a convenient format for yourself or the team
Short-time passes
Choose a convenient place and get started.
Monthly passes
Work anytime, with a fixed workplace or in any convenient location with public access.

FLEX-offices for teams from 2 to 30+ people

Flexible isolated offices, with working space, meeting rooms and recreation areas. The rental price includes furniture, cleaning services, reception, individual SCD, Internet, utilities and other amenities.
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Separate Locations
Isolated and closed rooms for calls, talks and online events.
We provide your workspace with everything you need
Uninterruptible power generators and charging stations
2 internet providers, Starlink
Bomb shelter in walking distance
Meeting rooms of call rooms
Flexibility of space: offices for teams from 1 to 50 + people
Print and Scan zones
Manage your own bookings and finances with the app in your smartphone

Additional services from #Balcon

We create all the necessary conditions for the comfortable work of our residents.
Looking for a new employee or a whole team? We'll help.
Want to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your team? We know different approaches.
Accounting and tax reporting
Do not want to spend time working with papers? Our finance department will take over.
Legal support
Do you plan to open R&D in Ukraine or need legal advice? Our lawyers are at your service.

Organize events for your company or coworking guests

We allow you to hold closed events, conferences, master classes and other events without leaving our space.
Zones with a capacity of 12 to 150 people
Organization of coffee breaks and catering services

What're Arround Us?

# Balcon is located on the 3rd floor of the Platinum business center, located on the 3A Hryshka street.
In your walking distance:
Food Cort "Piramida"
Apolo Next
Sport Life
Aladin Centre
Piramida Centre
Posdniaky Subway Station

Our Residents

Equip your personal
fixed workplace

If you want to work with us as a team, rent a separate office with personal access and other amenities - please choose the city and booking format in space.
Relocate to #BALCON
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3A, Hryshka st.
3rd floor, Platinum, Kyiv
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